Senin, 13 Oktober 2014

Good movies flop

It is always disappointing when good movies flop; providing endless comfort for those who would rather not have to try to make them and can happily take cover behind a shield labeled "The people have spoken." But it's really bad news when the industry essentially rejects a success, when a movie is supposed to be spawned two dozen taste-based gambling passion projects is instead greeted as an unanswerable anomaly. That kind of thinking is why Hollywood studio filmmaking, as 2010 comes to the end, to be at an all time low which I do not mean that there are fewer movies really better than before (last year has its share, and so will 2011) but it is not ever more difficult to clever, reasonably budgeted, original movie aimed at adults to get onto movie screens nationwide. "It is true at every studio," said producer Dan Jinks, whose credits include the Oscar-winning American Beauty and Milk. "Everyone has reduced not only the films 'Oscar-worthy', but in the drama, the period of concern. Has made them withdraw.'s Infected the entire business."

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